Like some others I had a problem yesterday with one of the updates pushed out by Microsoft as part of “Patch Tuesday“: ‘Security Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (KB937061).’

Windows Update downloads and attempts to apply this update to machines on which one of the matching Visual Studio 2005 SKUs (see here) has been installed. The update addresses a “Vulnerability in Crystal Reports for Visual Studio [which] Could Allow Remote Code Execution.” However, Crystal Reports for Visual Studio is an optional component of Visual Studio 2005 and so, as was the case on the Acer, is not always installed.

So although Windows Update would report that the update as having been “successfully” installed, it would in short order re-prompt to install it again. And again. And again, ad infinitum. (On Vista, I have entries in WU’s ‘update history’ for one, two, three.. eight “successful” installations of this update..)

On the Acer, adding Crystal Reports to the Visual Studio 2005 installation enabled WU to properly install the update and subsequently recognise it as having been installed; incidentally, the process of actually installing the update seems to happen perceptibly more quickly than that of not really installing it but reporting it installed all the same.

Finally, subsequently un-installing Crystal Reports for Visual Studio seems also to un-install the update, whereupon Windows Update prompts, again, to install it and one is, presumably, apt to find oneself back in the same cycle.

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