Re: Slowly, then all at once.

A second KingSpec 128GB 1.8″ 40-pin ZIF Solid State Disk only survived four weeks’ very occasional use before it, too, expired. On one otherwise unremarkable evening, I placed the XT on a sideboard and shut the lid, putting it to sleep.

A short while later, on hearing the fan running at full speed, I opened the lid only to be greeting by an unfriendly MS DOS-style error message. “System Error”, “Error reading from disk” or somesuch. Whatever it was, the computer refused to boot at the next time of asking. I was, later, able to use Windows 7’s System Recovery Options to recover some files from the stricken SSD.

Much to their credit, the drive’s vendor agreed to RMA it (again) and replace it with a RunCore Pro IV 1.8″ 5mm PATA Zif Solid State Drive SSD. Three weeks later, and it’s.. well, still working.

4 Responses to “Re: Slowly, then all at once.”

  1. 1 JSHOQ August 31, 2010 at 7:51 am

    Hey @TheFalcon,

    Are you running Windows 7 on your XT? How is the RunCore working? I have been experiencing a lockup issue and it appears many folks have run into this where the machine locks up with the hard drive light on. Is this something you have experienced too? Is this the issue you ran into with the other SSD’s?

    Thanks for the help …

    • 2 SjH August 31, 2010 at 6:56 pm

      Hi jshoq,

      Yes, I am running Windows 7 (32-bit Professional) on my XT. Thus far, I’m finding that it works really well with the RunCore SSD and have not experienced anything I would describe as a “lockup”, nor any other issue, really.

      I also didn’t experience anything with the previous SSDs which I would describe as a “lockup”. Both ran very well up to the point they stopped working altogether, and when the first of them expired it resembled nothing so much as the last moments of a traditional spinning disk: one file operation failed, then another, then another and then the PC failed to boot at the next time of asking.


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