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I got a rep to protect!

At least some aspects of the phenomenon referred to as “Web 2.0” give me pause for thought.

For instance, yesterday TechCrunch reported on The Funded. In particular, it reports the experience of one Howard Hartenbaum: Mr Hartenbaum was variously described on The Funded website as “rude and arrogant”, “slow” and vomit-inducing. Quite. He has since been onto companies with which he has dealt in his capacity as a VC, asking them to write their feedback, virtually all of which appears to have been positive. All’s well that end’s well, then. Except..

I can’t help but feel that Mr Hartenbaum – whom I don’t know from Adam – has effectively been blackmailed into not merely providing, but soliciting, so-called ‘user generated content‘ on behalf of someone else’s website, for which his only (possible/probable) compensation can be the limitation of damage to his reputation.

“71 million blogs… some of them have to be good.” – Matt

(As seen on earlier this week.)

I don’t know who ‘Matt’ is (supposed to be), but he’s not wrong – I found one!


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