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An engineer, a mathematician and a computer scientist..

An engineer, a mathematician and a computer scientist are being interviewed to become CFO of a big company. The CEO asks, “What is two plus two?”

The engineer whips out his cell phone, uses the calculator, and shows it to the CEO. “Two plus two is four!”

The mathematician whips out his portable whiteboard, scribbles some stuff one it, and shows it to the CEO. “This proves that two plus two is four!”

The computer scientist whips out a computer model, shrugs, sighs and asks, “How much do you want it to be?”

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My Enemy’s Enemy is my Friend. On Facebook.

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i’ve always thought it rather limiting that facebook only has a friends list. i’d certainly use it more if it had the option of an enemies list. i mean knowing your friends’ enemies is certainly more informativethan knowing their friends.

“Dear Anonymous Atheist Complaint Box..”

I feel the process of submitting complaints to an anonymous box from which we cannot expect a response is too similar to prayer. I am only including my own complaint so that you will remove your box from the library and stop trying to proselytize.



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